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Monday, May 21, 2012

Going Viral while heeding wisdom.

Can you count 38 hits in one day as being viral?  Given that the most hits I had in one day were 9, I would say that is a fair shake...about 4 x higher than ever.  My last blog was sketchy, but that was not the blog that got heads turning.  The one I wrote 2.5 months ago was an honest, perhaps, depricating entry but none-the-less, soul stirring.  Does JM really know what a blog is?  I just found out today what a cache is.  A cache is like a duplicate archived copy that the internet may retain after you eliminate an entry or a code word.  So if a proposed internet searcher is still looking for that code word, a marginal description of it may still come up. For JM, who has generally respected me over time, I will give him partial credence in respecting his desire to have certain elements of a topical matter removed.  My prime motivation for doing it initially was so that even if he attempted to live a double life, someone would eventually find it.  It is a direct way of inducing kharma.  But since he doesn't understand consequences, then it is pretty hard to get the concept across.  He handled it pretty well over the day: the consequences rarely questioning the motives or content.  We are in a different stage of our friendship, and I mean no malice toward him.  He is fragile and I know in destined time, he will leave his girlfriend because she does not make him whole.  Not that any human could, but he has to come to that place of evolution and discomfort to do so.  I sometimes wonder why someone who has turned themselved over to drinking can rise on their own without a major life-changing event.  I would say alcoholics, for the most part, are poor listeners.  He hasn't reached that cataclysmic stage where the death or deaths of his brothers have forced him to look into scripture.  My venue of public service is just another form of a wake up call, that all our actions are accountable.  But people who live life on the surface, just feeding their carnal desires, cannot reach that level.  They just wake up each day with a new dawn, wondering if they can make it thru the next day.  My last revelation of the day was this quote I sent him: My blog is a reflection of the choices you never commtted in full to make and in part, betrayed both your gf and me.  I said a shorter version but I erased.  Good night, gentle lad, and may I either be a force of enlightenment or an initiative of motivation gently swept in the right direction.

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