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Monday, May 21, 2012


One of my romantic liason's friend found a few blog entries about him.  It was something I felt I needed to post at the time due to a string of broken promises and confusion it created in my life.  Despite requests for honor, my blog is a transparent account of my life.  I could have done things differently like not post his email but what recourse does someone have when he lied about his name for three months?  He told me his name was Sean.  When I went to go meet him in a downtown hotel, he revealed his true name.  He is a nice person and we are basically friends.  I was upset with some of his behavior patterns, one being persistent.  He wanted to talk about romance and sex a lot and had no means of meeting up with me because he had a girlfriend.  The few attempts made did not turn out well.  I am a different person now and no longer desire that strongly to be with a man especially one that has tenuous issues.  Jayhun and I have filtered off into a quasi-non physical- teminal girlfriend/boyfriend longevity that is disdainful and rarely rewarding.  I must go now,  I have an appointment.

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