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Monday, March 12, 2012

I did not include this in my radio based analysis on Ivy Academia.

I taught at Ivy for one year, and from my personal experience, know why the turnover rate is so high. The administration failed to give me any support when it came to curriculum and discipline. I would constantly ask for help when discipling some of my students who were bullying on the yard, only to walk in and see a party going on when detention was supposed to be taking place. 99% of my students were AMAZING and I enjoyed every second with them. The administration, on the other hand, were very condescending. I always felt that I was being talked about behind my back and never knew who I could trust. That is not a healthy work environment to be a part of. I left because Ivy was not meeting MY standards as an educator. submitted by a teacher on 12.31.11 on a school evaluation page

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