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Friday, March 2, 2012

Advice from "Emotions Anonymous" Page

I hope I am not violating anyone by publishing this:  I thought it was good advice.  Here is the excerpt:
From: Deb Jr.
Subject: @Jen

This format usually frowns on any crosstalk. But, I hear the urgency in your voice. I can relate to you in many ways. What Im about to say may sound silly. But, it works for me every time. Start with your faith in God. Ask him to release you from your burdens. He carries you. Trust that nothing is too big for him. Then praise. Not the holy rollin gospel kind we have been infused with. Im talking that gut wrenching, heart pouring, soul crying praise. Sing an old hym or new...out loud through your house and purposely give God thanks for every thing you can think of that is positive. You will have to be resolute about this for it to work. Just like Jesus was resolute when he faced the cross. I may get some flack for sharing religious beliefs. But ask yourself this: Why does the bible tell us 365 times not to be afraid? Why is the shortest scripture say: Jesus wept.? Why does he promise to dry our tears forever? Why does Jesus himself promise to never leave us? Why does every word written burn on our hearts when
someone we love dies? Because of his GREAT LOVE FOR YOU. He has a plan. He has a purpose for you. Just you Jen. I have learned this through my own adversities. My prayer is that you will grab ahold of his love and cling to his words written just for you. You have HOPE. I love you. Be encouraged today!

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