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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My date with a quasi neo Nazi.

red flag = Craig's list
Craig's List lived up to its expectation.
So far, I caught me a philandering Irishman, a married massuse and a felon trailed German who never quite fit in to the SFV.
The SFV changed from a 1/2 white 1/2 Black community up near Sylmar/San Fernando in the mid eighties to a 1/2 Black 1/2 Mexican community that drove out the Maclay Boys and was replaced by full dominance of the SanFer gang which used to be called the Mexican Mafia or something similar.
I thought if I crossed from the 818 to the 661, I would be safe.
That anyone who lived in the St. Clarita Valley has Class with a capital C.
Then he done told me he moved up there from Sylmar to escape Mexicans.
That's right. Uh Hun.
My Friday night date at Dennys ended in a blunder.
You have to realize this is all experimental side stepping. I am actually happy with my Tajik Boyfriend.
But to meet a Neo-Nazi in the flesh was sumpin.
I did not gather all the evidence in the first ten minutes.
Here were the signs:
We decided to meet at a convenient location ...the In and Out Burger.
He suggested a German Deli and Panda Express for our first date. The German Deli was actually his greatest idea after I turned down the Great Panda.
Second sign. He ordered spaghetti at Denny's with Cheese on top, like shredded cheese. Said he hadn't been there since his first ex wife and him were high as a kite and that's what he ordered the last time.
As Larry Elder says, "I'm not making this up."
Third sign. While waiting for his cheesy spaghetti, he told me he used to go to gay bars and beat up gays because the idea of two men making love "made him sick." I calculated this to be in the mid 80s.
Fourth sign. He said his nephew who was real smart was in the Maclay Boys and now in the state penn.
Fifth sign. He told me he had a criminal record longer than Cher's hair. He was pinned with assault of a deadly weapon agst a cop b/c the cops showed up after there was an "accidental shooting" at his parent's house in the 80s. He was mad at the cops for confiscating 20 plus guns and rifles and he was resentful so apparently he smacked up a cop agst the head with a deadly weapon.
He served 3.5 years for that and a few months here and there for duis.
Sixth sign.
His brother died when he was 16 and he had a mission to get drunk, live fast, and die by 22...the same age as his brother when died.
Seventh sign.
His dad was an unforgiving German who had 12 kids with his mother and whacked them around and got drunk.
Eighth sign.
He is sober now, has custody of his three kids but asked his gf to abort the last one b/c he couldn't afford it. His ex -gf was a drug addict who tried to lie so he would not get custody. Her daughter sniffs around his residence trying to still get a connection with the mom's lost kids.
Other than that he is good looking. He works in construction and the closest he got to college was working construction at Pepperdine.
He said a woman of my stature with 3 degrees deserved a meal at Dennys.
He paid. I walked. I erased his number.

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