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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogger Identity Theft of Self, Mind and Time Part I

I wonder if I wrote about myself regarding day by day accounts, if anyone would find it at all interesting. The hum and drum of every day life, logistical hurdling, meandering through the streets of L.A. at jockeying speed would captivate attention. I am proud to announce that I have completed between 4-10 pages of my second novel, even though I have volumes of unmentioned, unaccounted pages that don't fall into a chapter or category.
In the last few days, I now feel content again to be a student though I am now a bona fide lady in waiting for the Calif state teaching credential to come through in the mail. Today I officially paid the meager $29.00 fee for the license and I shall get it. Also, I am waiting for the dredgery livescan to go through so I can substitute teach. Can't there just be a simple job where you turn in a paper application and start the next day. This extra time has given me an opportunity to indulge in my Russian with the cutest tutor possible. Ha Ha. My true tutor is James though who is also my heart. I have met at least 3 new people this semester who are making an impact on my life. Suzette Collier is really an excellent English Tudor teacher and has had 25-30 yrs teaching experience and lived in England as well. Also, Andrew in my Spanish class is cool & super great and so is David, the Russian classmate. Although I feel out of place b/c of my age, I like this semester. My last time to indulge as a student. I have been in grad school and credential process 9 yrs total. A couple of semesters were a waste due to waiting for the right classes while taking others, but all in all, its been a good run. I am probably the most educated, underpaid academian on the planet. (More to come)....I have to pick up my son now.

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