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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It all came true

Weekend Update:
Dec 04, 2011

Shyness begone! You’re happy to take center stage on Friday, even if you need to create an alter ego to do so. Pay attention to preexisting power dynamics while you’re out strutting your stuff. Your competitive nature can be threatening to some. Don’t turn an important ally into an enemy by threatening to unseat her from her throne. In affairs of the heart, you may get a visit from the green-eyed monster this weekend. While lashing out in a jealous rant is never cool, if someone is provoking insecurity, you need to dig deeper. Is there a justifiable reason that you feel this way? If you’re not getting the attention you desire, stop making excuses for your lover’s bad behavior. You may need to issue an ultimatum: spend more time with me, or I’m going to start dating other people. By the same token, you may have neglected your own friends and interests in your pursuit of this person’s affection. Reclaim your confidence by filling your weekend with supportive people who adore you and bring you joy.

1 comment:

  1. I am not the jealous type but this whole prediction came true exactly one week later. Strange.