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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love him and I took him back

He makes my soul sing
and butterflies dance around me
the man of my dreams
separated in years
but bound in flesh
love's desire springs
from within
aching soulful vows
of love and veins to grow
and sentiment swayed with passion
in arms
of flesh and taste and desire
move me now
like the shifting mountain
in an ocean swirl of respite sorrow
drowned conclusions
swirl in mind
taking that final vow
to the hidden dream
of how
forgetful it can be
to think
of you
in my presence
erasing all pain, bringing me
an aching sunder
of fortress, slashing blood
on my landscaped surface
of tortured skin
beneath the surface
groveling to his loins
of body and pasture of nectar
that I swallow under
a chalis of maiden despair
sucking the fruit of my mortal enemy
embracing while drowing the cross
as I bear
a life everlasting
in his Voltaire

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