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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ex wife and New wife corresponding through Facebook comments.

Hi Gail, Craig's new wife. I am not in a contest with you to win Craig back. If I make one reference to my past, good or bad, I think you should "not" hit the comment button. You won the sequential prize, what you might call "him." I won wisdom and backpeddling out of a emotionally benign marriage that was doomed to failure after the only light in our lives, our daughter died. Words are heavy. Words have meaning. But don't read into them too much. My post was a point of reference. Your words were cutting.

"And it cuts like a knife. He's outta my life." - Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

I am too hungry now to rant. So I will reep my waffle dinner at Dennys.
Some things just aren't worth the eventual effort.
I have footnotes for my upcoming novel to be tagged soon.

Later today: This is my personal journal, so if you see something on here you don't like then its better not to ready. In diary format, it can happen. Anyways, Gail is a really good hearted person. She is there for me 100 percent even though she could choose to be selfish. Due to the fact that my daughter died, she probably more sympathetic. Gail is the second wife of my first husband. I would not have posted tonight what I posted today earlier. It just kind of caught me off guard Gail would be so direct. Maybe a comment about my Ex is something she could absorb and sit back and reflect on rather that comment. I dunno. Its all good. Maybe she is trying to clean up my mess.

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