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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sui*c*de Fantasy/saying goodbye without affirming it

Wouldn't we all like to disappear into an Amy Winehouse exit? A vague ending, a non specific toxology text, no spin doctors to do her in with proposol....its like "I love you mum," later, dude.
Say goodbye with the slight wave of the wrist, a limp, thin, pale wrist that was often needle induced, being remembered for special talents. Going down with heroin or hard alcohol is a graphic kind of death, a David Kennedy kind of death, yet out of time and place. We as a health driven society are past the dirty drug phase, so why was Amy caught in the net? And why did she have to follow the network media prophecy that she would find her doom? Just a month ago, she staggered on a Belgrade stage and made a less than stellar spectacle of herself. So, I see people would rather relish in those few depricating moments than click on her more spellbinding videos where she still remains non chalant, uncaring but precise in delivery. So Amy Winehouse in her unguarded presence is my new anti hero, for the moment, to say goodbye with no regrets leaving the world to grieve her while they soullessly search for her worst moments while trying to find her hidden golden lining that she revealed to maybe two people: Blake and Kelly Osborne.

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