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Friday, January 28, 2011

Why democracy in Iraq cannot be achieved

and why certain radio pundits have to defend our invasion of Iraq is not palatable:

American exceptionalism is not just the exchange of natural rights for civil rights based on the Consent of the Governed by Locke, Rosseau and Hobbes. It was purported by Louis Hartz that democracy could exist in America due to lack of class division, consensus of the same goals, religious commitment and desire for limited government. It also means that because of this unique conditional environment, America was proper breeding ground for philosophical government based on consent and protection of freedoms where a higher devotion was to God, not civility. Secondly, even with your defense of Bush, our invasion of Iraq was a sovereign invasion of a foreign nation which caused regional shift of power in the Middle East. The Conditions of democracy were not ample in Iraq to exist even after our long occupation. A civil society was not established, there were not solid civil institutions to uphold (the civil society must be ready and willing to commit and invest in new government -not by force), the people were bound by an obedience to Islamic theocratic government which will not change with shift of power. Islam factions will still be in competition because Saddam rewarded the Sunnis over the Shias. Our occupation and false authority is similar to colonization and until a stable economy with direct benefits is manifested and consistent over time, it won't work.

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