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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can she find me

When she don't know me
Can she find herself
from a pathway of selling out
Can she defy me
when she dont show me
no truth no love no intent
a life unspun
is how she spent her fate
Abel met Cain
and Cain stepped out in the rain
and now she's too crippled to fight
she took a plight from her own paradise
and forgot what the point she made
She enabled my sibling
into a life of quibbling
and enhanced her one stop sherade
she designs as a cause
to build her name
while she alone crucifies
She is sewing suffering
about who passes within
who'll make it thru pearly gates
long ago she dumped God
with her servants prod
but remains the expert in blame

surrounded by her hostile views
its getting a bit old too
dont give me no mo shit
cuz your life aint it
what you intended at least
and the dogs are boxing you in
you compare for flair
but who put you there
and commanded you to Lucifer's knees

She's been able in doubt
to turn things around
but now she's too idle
to see
if she had one care in the world she could share
it would be not truth but hostility
a barren mom to the world can't belong
overthinkin her dream

she is trader by route
even sold herself out
for the dream she intended
but can't be

Now I'm skipping in time
past her curse and her rhyme
while she ain't no mo able to think
she can't project her despair
or trick anyone's fair and she
aint no mo targeting me

I put in her place
and she felt her disgrace
and no she can't find her way out
she burned her allies
and she often complies
to what lowest insult she can make

we all know its been a long time
before she finds herself on the ground
belittled by letting all her insides out
seeking a passport of manufactured clout
giving in to her own indulgence
of livin in a tailspin of shielded lies
and mufflied cries of what
she truly is.
-jane hoffman @2009

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