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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am beginning from the beginning. From the time I was cradled in a St Paul home on Ivy Avenue and suddenly taken at 3 to WBL to begin the journey of my suburban life. Suburbia is what defined me in those formative years and what charred me from age 14 on. Stability and sterility surrounded by nuances of fleeting pleasures.

I attended Lakeaires Elementary School from 1965-1972. The boundary of my life stretched from 3903 Van Dyke Street to 1.6 blocks away at Lakeaires school. We had a huge field which would be about 6 full soccer fields and another playground which consisted of jungle bars not so great paved tar and a big hill on the east side of the building that we slid down in winter. I think there was some posted dated logic in my childhood.....I started kindergarten at 4 and graduated from hs at 17. I was a little too young to start. I cut my bangs during art class to 1/4 inch from the top of my hairline and my twin sister hid under a desk in Ms. Bobian's class. That's right, Ms. Bobian.

The most provocative memory of my childhood which became more defined from a middle adult event was the popularity and aura of Robin Jenz. She was a beautiful girl with glass, blue eyes and wore her hair on the side. She had a nice smile and my older sister, Nancy, said she looked like an actress Darlene Carr. She was very elusive, not exactly friendly, but still popular. She didn't really start dating boys till 7th or 8th grade and dated my male bff Mark Bocklund, a sturdy hockey player with a nice disposition who was my next next door neighbor. Years later something happened to her which I will get into later. I am using this blog as an introduction to my bloggings but starting on the next blog I am going to write it in novel format. All things will be true.

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