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Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Outcome of the Alton Sterling murder by two police officers Live Radio Broadcast on YouTube- TUNE IN

Alton Sterling conclusion

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There was backhanded justice in the Alton Sterling case. One police got suspended, one got fired. Not enough. Supposedly, the suspended officer got lectured for his anger management issues. The Baton Rouge police chief did the best he could with no cooperation from D.A. office. Alton Sterling was not a threat as a citizen to the general public. The 911 call was misleading and he never had a gun. We discuss gun rights and assertion by individuals regarding the Constitution. 00:15 Intro Song 3:49 Topic Introductions, US Attorney Resignation – Dana Boente 7:48 Alton Sterling, MLK Assassination, Problems with Constitution 12:43 Second Amendment, ERA, Militia, Gun Ownership Discussion 37:00 Alton Sterling

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