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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The side effects of Darryl Gates decisions on LAPD Police Force right before Los Angeles riots- Available on YouTube

Tune into this radio broadcast that has indepth, detailed coverage of Darryl Gates, LAPD, methodology on chokeholds, civil rights violations, brutal childhood, federal grafting and more.... Follow link below

There are two forms of civilizations. One will be redeemed by the final return of Christ. Some societes self destruct because of false authorities & rampant crime. I am tying in the Second rebuilt Judaic temple by Herod and future third Jewish temple of Jerusalem. The 3rd one has not been build yet. It was prophesied in Ezekial and designed by the prophet. I am relating the Jewish kingdom to future kingdoms, which will rise and fail. Korea, Israel and innercity U.S.- when will their golden age be? Gihan Springs will be the future location of the third temple, not the dome of the rock. The Gihan Springs is symbolic to the Book of Revelations where God livestreams and correlates his vistion of the new Jerusalem. We are going to touch upon better moments of L.A. Riots, like how Titus Murphy; 3 others saved Reginald Denny's life. We also discuss Daryl Gates boneheaded idea to institute chokeholds as an LAPD policy to restrain out of control citizens which resulted in a 1.1 million payout to James Mincey, Jr.'s family and the subsequent deaths of 15 other people. Mincey’s death by chokehold was a public-relations nightmare for the L.A.P.D., which claimed that he was on PCP before a toxicology report proved otherwise. Chokeholds were banned, and officers used metal batons instead. 00:00 – Societies & Visions of the Future, Cyrus of Persia 03:20 – Kingdoms – Coming Temple 3rd Temple Mount, Historical Background 07:51 – Symposium on Community in Policing in Nevada, Meals on Wheels, Rodney King & South Central Effects, Reginald Denny 18:01 – Compassion & Respect for Life, Don's Relatives 23:51 – Ex-Marine Henry “KiKi” Watson – Reginald Denny Interview 28:13 – Reintroduction of Topics and Recap 33:01 – LA Raids, Darryl Gates & Military Hardware, Gun Origins, Rodney King 40:21 – Deadly Choke Holds, Jon's Police Stop, Police Decriminalization 55:35 – Gangster Rap, Love and Hostility, Not Being Scared, Who Owns America? 1:03:24 – Collective Thinking and Messaging, Current Racism, Don needs a hug,
Systemic Racism, Judging Other People, Ben Carson, Police Conditioning 1:26:39 – Social Justice Issues, Corporate Culture, Black Culture 1:34:01 – Black Traits, Education, NWA, Lefsa, Officer Force 1:44:55 – Rodney King New Yorker Article 1:52:35 – Police Power, We Are From Africa, Repression, Police Corruption 2:06:00 – Song Introduction and “Someone You Recall”

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