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Friday, December 1, 2017

Poem - Willful disobedience

When the rivers of blood commence with sorrow
My weapon is indifference in tangled fields of yarrow
desire and circumstance
two things that converge
upon an arrow of fate
in which the ball tainted curved
Don't read my lifeline
or what makes my veins invert
through my lack of control
of impulse turns
on what provokes fate
in the dead of the night
while you fish for your candle
desperately seeking the light
the candle wax
burns your palms & your veins
as your orderly voice
attempts to command restrain
I don't listen to you
I didn't listen to you then
I am off on the highway
my hard drive erased your GPS
the wax dries
as you justify your life
and call out my name
giving ultimatums
with an inkless pen.

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