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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The conditional truth

I have lived a full life and have much to be grateful.   In recent years, I have learned more about myself and my shortcomings thru a 12 step program.  It is not right to lash out at ppl even if you are mad at them.  I do not resent Ernest but I do think he never admits he is wrong, never attempts to repair broken relationships.  I am not talking about myself.  I am talking about others he has burned and just let people go without looking back twice.   I keep unique, talented people in my life like Brandy.  She was a talented radio host out of Michigan who he just walked away from.  It is not my job to worry about people.  I am not even so concerned that he betrayed my trust twice.  I do think people have to have a certain kind of secure upbringing to not even want to burn bridges with people.  The best thing to do is to walk away.  If a person cannot value you or vice versa., it is better to walk.  I do believe that many people I know have false truths they hold onto.  I know one atheist who would not even vote in the church polling place and asked for curbside voting.  She firmly believed in separation of church and state but fundamentally, she hated the Christian religion.  I would not go that far to inconvenience myself.  A voting poll place in a church does not influence who I planned to vote for.  With that, I have to end this blog early, I have a sore throat tonight.

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