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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Was Ernest frustrated with himself in the video below?  

I don't feel Ernest has been fully honest with himself.  He decided a long time ago, he would no longer work.  He refused to apply for disability.  He currently thinks he is a celebrity and people are chomping on the bit to buy his book.  Even if 20 people buy his book, it won't make him a celebrity.  He has burned every friendship except for 2.  I have given him many chances in life and I have my own chapter that I will complete when I am done with my screenplay in September. 

It is not about harshly criticizing someone.  It is about coming to terms with people and accepting their weaknesses.  

Ringing up a phone bill for $1,100 as he did is not okay.  I have confronted him with this and I have forgiven him.  However, he did burn my friend, Marguerite.  He never apologized, even when I confronted him once on the radio.

My shortcomings was the second reason our friendship dissolved.  He could not accept my gambling addiction and somehow, interloped Brian into the situation.  He cannot live without Brian's sustenance and approval.  I am not friends with Brian.  He is just someone I knew through Ernest.

I hope Ernest finds peace of mind.  I could not find peace of mind unless I am working.  He has never taken responsibility for his life.

Was Ernest frustrated with himself in the video below?  


________________________-  I don't know

The video below may provide the answer.

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