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Friday, July 14, 2017

Somewhere inbetween

The curtains drawn
the world still comes in
My Saturn wings are swelling 
My impulse control burgeoned out
by uncommon mistakes
circling in a pool of battered rams
of shepherd less leadership
Time mashes out faraway relatives
but faraway relatives rise in my conscience
some encourage, others devour
reminiscent feelings of yesteryear
I am safe here
far enough away from real pain
the rawest of memories
I can weed people out like a fiery prophet
and bury their image in an unthreshed wheat field
Life and death are part of the same equation
my breath is the passage into both worlds
Those that have meaning are in both places
At night I close my eyes and see the kingdom come
apart from earthly struggles 
It will be over someday
I will change planetary consciousness
plunge into the divine
and erase all life that cannot ascend
the steps of wisdom.


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