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Friday, February 10, 2017

In Trumpland by Michael Moore

The movie Trumpland brought me to tears.
There were many moving moments.
He painted a portrait of Hillary that exalted her.  It did not have the scars of media or mudslinging, it was pure in it's existence.
Her service as First Lady to initiate health care which was ultimately rejected; her careful planning to launch universal health care was her brainchild.
Moore mentioned the average of 50,000 people a year who die with a medical condition prior to Obamacare because they did not have adequate health care.
The slanted feelings of hostility toward her by misguided conservatives and their projection that her intentions were evil all become political waste because someone with a greedier heart try to kick her to the curb.  
Well, America got what they wanted now but now all the institutions of the federal government can see just how dangerous and small minded Trump can be.
The litmus paper will turn color by summer.

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