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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Two new radio episodes that will interest most; Navajo Code Talkers and Misinformation of alternate news sources #Election2016

I found it fascinating that a small group of Navajo men (around 29) to begin with, became transmitters of secret messages in the Pacific theater and other places during WWII.  They were chosen to create a code language of conversion due to the complexity of their Navajo language, pronunciation and dialect.  Please listen to this episode below (shared link) and give the Navajo the credence they deserve.  The following episode in this post is about how Steven Bannon snaked voters by exploited messages on #Breitbart that damaged Hillary Clinton tremendously.  Much worse than that is that people allow themselves to have their minds twisted by not responsibly researching reliable news sources and vetting the villains of media.

Navajo Link:

Educated Voters who become uneducated by deceptive media sources.

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