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Monday, September 12, 2016


You were a happy, smiling child robed in innocence
a love unbound secure in your parent's arms and everlasting embrace
...until one day a man with an ungodly desire made a bad choice 
the gift you gave me was tears and to learn about who you were and what you loved
Your parent's pleas became my prayer
you blended into my memory
and the prayers like wishes became a incantation of better things to come
I look at your face frozen in time but the spirit of laughter goes deeper than the picture I see
Your life is a testimony to a love that sustains with tears that fall in the crevasses of our hearts
I once lost a child, too, to failed surgery
God will restore to us what we lost on earth
The angels reach down from heaven and restrengthen the weakened bones of those who cry out in grief
Your body rested close to home
the conviction of radiance of your pure image finally broke the burden of silence to reveal a battered conscience
to never forget but continue in courage
Your face embedded in all things good
the freedom to ride your bike without fear
and the honesty of confrontation
You stood up to that man as he chose darkness over light
but your name stands throughout decades of time to remind us of the instrument of life that perpetuates eternal joy.

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