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Friday, August 26, 2016

Blended motives

I see the goodness in your dark despair
I see the intent and the essence of your care
Life uncrumbled
rolling the dice
another risk
unfounded vice
stripped of what society requires
the basic essentials
forsaking most desires
opulent credence to a time payer's womb
satellite wishes portrayed for another century
darkness lends to greatness
greatness equals power
defined in each moment
breath taking devour
blended by past moments
coveting the final stand
of what heritage is richer
or barren by a capsule in lonely sand
searching for truth
in the depths of your veins
crossing un-named roads
to find out what you've gained
throwing it all by the wayside
just to make a fresh start
burned out by decisions 
of the jaded, witching hour

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