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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The observation of how mass murderers are portrayed by media, the commonality of a mass murderer, reactions and motives.

A 20 year old wants to start a race war in South Carolina basically because he doesn't like what headline news stories he sees on TV such as Trayvon Martin being victimized by an eager neighborhood watchman who had a handy gun.  Why did a young Black man have to die this way and dare hog all the national media attention?  (in his mind)  Michael Brown and Tamir Rice came next..   I guess the Blacks are taking over, Dylann.  The 20 year old's name was #DylannRoof, a misguided youth who's un-examined beliefs caused by trolling bad white supremacist websites gets in his head that there must be a mitigating incident to start the so called race war.  So he decides on his Plan B, killing Black church members worshipping in a Bible Study because he can't kill people on a nearby campus.  Oh, he almost "doesn't kill them" because they were "so nice to me."  He doesn't really know what nice is or wouldn't take time to absorb it since his father was a verbally abusive parent who neglected him.  Dylann Roof had a message, even a manifesto, and a motive for killing Blacks.  But he was off base.  This radio episode examines that even with a motive, a white man who mass-kills is always going to be examined by media as a mentally ill lunatic, whereas, if a Muslim mass kills, it is a religious imposition and nothing else.  Tune in.....

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