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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ex Lover

I heard his voice
through the vassal of a shooting range
His familiar tone
his voice I knew
It had been at least 9 months since we spoke
tonight I will mark it down
February 8th
we spoke
He now lives 10 miles from my sister
It will be convenient to see him
The love it was so strong
I will love him til my dying day
in a healthy way
We understood each level of ourselves
Intellect, political, religious, erroneous zones
We were one
not to be separated
but I left because of the power of that intimacy
My life never complete wherever I go
the people up here
more hearty
my pastor is engaged and not standoffish
My closest friends more caring and real
except for Yale, she is my best friend
Things I left behind will come back to me
when I marry him
in the Summer of 2016
before my prime ends
and I enter oblivion.

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