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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This article will change your entire perspective on life, the U.S. military and America's future- Jade Helm 15

A few weeks ago I was having my normal mid week radio show and boom, a man from South Africa called in.  He asked us "Did you know about Jade Helm, the military operation in which the military will take over civilian places like Wal-Mart which will be used as a staging area for intense military exercises on it's own citizens which will include confinement?"  I had no f-----g idea.   Weeks later, after research, 8 more callers and 2 more shows, Political Gravity (our radio show) is fully aware of all these intentions live with private footage of the invasion already taking place.  Various sources living in Texas are filming it and uploading it to YouTube and other websites.  So buyer beware, I am not a dissodent of American government, my ex husband served in the Navy.  My niece and her husband served in the Army.  My niece's husband is a lifer. Enclosed is the link to my article which will blow your mind.

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