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Monday, May 4, 2015

Radio show highlights: the beginning of the possible end; Martial law and military control of U.S. plus Baltimore highlights

Don sprang a fast one on Jon, me, Andrew and our audience in the BlogTalk Radio community on Sunday night.  He spoke of a new martial law system in America that is being organized by elite units of all 4 branches of the United State military.  It is a coordinated effort that will first be tried out in Texas, Utah, parts of New Mexico and California.  It is some suppressive form of military control but initiated by who?  The president?   a military coup?  Only time will tell.  The initial launch is supposedly July 15, 2015 and Don Gallimore of our show says it will subvert the U.S. Banking system.  Listen to archive as a sociologist from South Africa weighs in on the content of the discussion.

Here is the link...

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