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Sunday, April 26, 2015


She peered through the window but not really good enough to see the full street view.
She crept back into the air bed a quasi creature comfort.
She pondered the ways of deprivation vs. enrichment.
She listened to the radio preacher who said don't live in the past, live for the future.
She embraced the bold gold walls the landlord insisted on keeping intact.
She ignored all living things that day.
a predisposed curse.
loss of energy.
loss of life.
While her work hours increased.
her social life faded.
She climbed the walls of local coffee pubs but no one saw her.
She observed the fat guy on the stool at Beaners and wondered what his life meant.
She circled the rest room 3-4 times and watched its still graffiti.
She ordered one more latte
til she felt her soul perish.
She was tired of sitting so she woke up and walked the Lakeshore.
you could walk for miles on the infamous shoreline and maybe catch a glance but not one full fish.
She saw the earnest runners in their fiber something tights.
There were no waves on Lake Superior when it was placid but there was that icy breeze.
She lay dying in the winter
barely coherent in the Spring.
her time was up.

**I purposely put a few distinct taglines because the movie "Ask Me Anything" said it  catches a bigger audience.

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