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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Waco Siege Series Part 7 and 8

"Actually, we can't leave David.  We were threatened by George Roden, my second cousin who recently was granted daily access to leave the community in Big Spring, Texas for short day passes   We also have an artifact that he tried to steal from us.  A silver edge sword that represents the Word of Truth.  We have it stored in a safe place but he tried to take it from us. We came here as your messengers and to warn you."  Jedda Diah had his hands on his hips, leaning over wondering if he had rushed his decision to come to the compund.  "Listen, Prophet Koresh,"  Jedda emphasized.  He lifted the set of 8 skeleton keys that he had retrieved under Trinity's bed.  "We have the keys to your kingdom.  Your tidy, little kingdom in which the only purpose the outside world serves is to conquer you.  Now what do you want to do?  Do you want to make peace with the Ammorites, the Philistines, the thorn in your side which may reside somewhere beyond these parts?  Or are you going to take us down?  Who is the enemy, David?  How do you tell who is worthy when they come through that door?  Ask your wife, Rachel, just how many people here are 100% worthy to be your disciple.  We came for guns not scripture.  Don't act it out.  Just hand it over."  Koresh stepped back in a form of penance.  "Why come at me like that?  I'm an American and I have a right to bear arms."  Jedda stood his ground.  "Listen, this started out as an inquiry.  A simple investigation.  You don't behave like a normal preacher.  Normal churches don't have residents quarantined on the property 24 hours unless you are a monastery or nunnery.  A lot of of your preaching seems to be showdown oriented."  Trinity stepped in.  "I did come here to learn.  I knew you as a child.  We were at camp together."  Tears started rolling down her face.  "I wanted to put the pieces of David Koresh together.  To find out who you are.  You are part of the Adventist Day legacy.  I am a piece of that legacy, too."  Jedda budded back "What we came here plain and simple is the full picture.  Can you let us stay a few days?  I gotta get home tonight but we are really only here to protect you."  David paused and then sat on Trinity's bed.  "We already have the remnant here.  The part God, my father, said would be spared.  Outsiders really aren't our thing.  But since Trinity here is related to George, I need to ask her some questions.  She can stay."  Jedda gathered himself and in accordance started walking down the hall toward the stairs.  "You aren't armed, are you?"  Jedda Diah pulled out a pocket Bible.  "Just armed with the truth.  I'm coming back tomorrow for Trinity tomorrow...ya, hear?"  David didn't hesitate this time.  "We need a few days to sort this out.  I really have to get a full understanding on what answers are gunna come out of this.  We got the feds on us to for a gun inventory.  I can take on too much at once."  
"I got things to sort out, too."  Jedda was almost down to the first level when he gave off a simple signal for the four agents on the outside to clear.   It was a numeric command.  He felt walled in on all sides and didn't know if Koresh was all that trusting.  I mean, really, how could he be?  He either had an overabundance of confidence or maybe he thought Jedda Diah was a loose goose the way he cracked up in the service.  He was sweating now and near the front door.
to be continued.

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