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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The best radio episode you will hear about contemporary American racism, subjugation and class structure.

Jon Yoder, Jane Hoffman and Don Gallimore  tackle some of the toughest topics of modern day racism including why is a state alcohol agent in Virginia beating the shit out a college student for doing what ordinary college students do?  It was the same agency who arrested a sorority girl about 2 years ago at UVA for buying a 12 pack of sparkling water in which they thought it was alcohol.  They have now lost their policing abilities in Virginia and cannot resist or physically restrain a person or make arrests.  They can only be observers and note crimes.  We had 2 callers from DC and New York.  Tune in.....We also discuss the fact that two high school students posted a picture on SnapChat of a fellow Black high school student showing him being lynched in the photo.  This happened in Duluth, Minnesota where I currently live.

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