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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I found the message after 3 days; I rarely check that email.....

I did find your email.  I wouldn't call it particularly hostile.   People have a need to do what they have to do.  You giving people the time of day is not one of your better qualities.  You only have to value what you have to say.  As we examined on the radio show Sunday night, your pattern is to cut people off, not give them the time of the day, diminish people and belittle them.  I know the score.  However, the Bible people preaches repentance and forgiveness.  In my heart, I have forgiven you because I know you are not capable of true friendship or love unless its a situation that benefitting you.  In my own way, I have judged you because I see the truth.  When I have checked your page periodically, its totally wrapped up with fleshly desires except your political commentary.  The Bible warns against lust.  I feel you need to get back on a path of righteousness and flesh out your human desires.  I don't care anymore myself.  You have changed in my opinion.  Why don't you join a Bible study or Church and get back in the Word?  You know the Bible but you don't apply it.  You are hostile and people can accept your hatefulness.  It's stripes on my back for eternity.  Your persecution is my victory but it's sad that you can't be real.   What is that you really hate?.

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