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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hostile Ernest....this is a time-meter on your page.....No one will look at it after today.

My stalker Ernest checked my page 38 times yesterday and 55 times today and counting as of midnight......big deal for him.

I'm a stalker you're a stalker, I'm a focker, you're a focker

I am a stalk of celery...or a stock, how it may be.
Is that the way you want it?  The revolving door of pettiness and naysaying?    I didn't write  you to make amends.  I just wrote you to clear the air.  All I found out is that you are petty.  You are the thing you don't want to be.  I don't know how you addressed Marguerite in 2007 when you wanted to come clean with her but she didn't give you a chance.  You want to and like punishing people.  You just cannot accept what they have to say in private.  You have to make a public spectacle of everything including the idea you drank bad lemon moonshine.  It's not interesting or provoking.  I didn't write you to detect if your character had changed.  Yet it's obvious you still want to play a game with everyone who ever passed into and out of your life.  I am not going to try to correspond again even a year from now.  I donated the Madonna CDs to the Goodwill.  It's been 20 years since she was anything.  I don't want to engage with negative people.  Goodbye.

Years ago @PoliticGravity Jane Hoffman sent me this Prince t-shirt.  It’s been packed away in storage for a decade.  One of the last time I wore it was 1998 when I went to Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.  It’s been with me since about four years before that.  It has the O(+> symbol on the back.
When we have this garage sale on Sunday, it’ll be amazing what actually goes for sale, and what later ends up in the dumpster.  I plan to take nothing back into the house after the sale.  I’m not really selling any of my clothes, because I’m not a big clothes horse, so I don’t own a lot of clothes, by default.  I tend to buy something, wear the fuck out of it for years, then throw it away.  My clothing cycling habits are horrible and extreme.  haha

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