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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ted Nugent the Hunter; a worthless breed that should be exterminated.

Listen in to Jon's soft driven rocker credibility of Ted Nugent vs. Jane Hoffman's brazen synopsis of why Ted Nugent deserves not ounce of air time including live clips of Ted Nugent.....

Ted's hunting the wrong bait, he's a hate mongrel.  Name calling Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is not going to add weight to the issues of what Ted is trying to achieve.  He's a one man show for the second amendment but he's not effective in my view.  Live clips will prove that.

Also, how Gene Simmons got it right on Tim Tebow.  Why should Tim Tebow be persecuted for his beliefs when a Muslim or Jew would only be considered exercising their sacred consciousness in the public sphere.  Simmons in Israel, 1967 borders, the reality of Israel's struggle agst. Palestine.

One episode you dare not miss as a Christian or a person of conscience.

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