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Monday, November 17, 2014

Expendable---Journal Entry of the day

Blogging is the one thing I try to avoid these days.  Why?  Because my feelings digest like a windmill or gerbil wheel and I manage to process my feelings.  I have no need to write things down.  What is there to record at age 54?  My greal American novel is in the works, inside my head.  When I work 80 hours a week, there isn't much time for fun stuff.  All the intentions of great chapters and paragraphs spiral up into the grey nebuli in the hidden part of my brain under the folder "good intentions."  I am living out my reality, not my dream.  But I am surely blessed.  I have 2 great jobs and a weekly gig as a columnist.  The world has become my oyster even though its only 15 degrees outside.  I think the high this morning was 5 degrees.  Well, I will continue this live journal later after I sign the books and punch out from work.  It's shopping night for me and Lo Lo.  We are going to the Mall together.

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