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Friday, October 31, 2014

I need to be subdued for awhile

Through a back-handed opportunity, I am able to slow down for awhile.  At least until Sunday.  I really wanted to go to the Film Festival in Ashland, Wisc.  Doing the calendar section for The Reader has its disadvantages.  There is always a lot of events going on, up the North Shore and the South Shore of Wisc.  There is a Storm Frestival up near Grand Marais and Lutsen. honoring the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  There is a lot of aura and mystery surrounding sinking ships in the Northland.  Its spooky & mysterious.  this is God's country up here.  the most gorgeous jagged landscape up here in No. Great Lakes.  its awe-inspiring.  I would like to backpack a month up by Tofte and Lutsen, MN.  My co worker almost ran over a bear by the highway/freeway entrance by Two Harbors the other day.  My other gambler anonymous friend saw a bear in East end which is the middle of the Duluth city (on east end).  Amazing and unique.  There is a seven bridges road that has 7 bridges made of stone and cement that winds around and around. See pics below.

My Halloween was kinda of a Debbie downer.  I was recovering from the poetry slam the night before.  I don't go out much but I have attended one poetry reading this month that i attended and wrote about in the Reader.  I missed Beaner's poetry reading 2 months in a row due to exhaustion from my driving job.  Yesterday, I drove 200 miles and 12 hours for my company.  Damn.  That was definitely the longest day of that job.  I do drive a minivan which is so much more better than a regular car.  I really like cars that are elevated.  Well, its after midnight.  back to bed.

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