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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hatred fades

like ejected from shelter
frozen barren in the wilderness
was bound to twist
the veins inside my heart
and there you were
looking cavalier
radiating in plunder
putting me asunder
from the scraps of evidence
you'd like to collect
from the strife and the brokenness
you cursed
bound train freedom
most likely receding
to keep me from bleeding
on my hands and my knees, son
gone adrift
from the turbulent shift
outplayed by Saturn
from your long term pattern
of tabulating the score
of who hurt who first

counted backwards before
10,000 times
to ring those chimes
you want to condemn me
but you really won't let me
cry out in victory
before I go to the altar
I found a new man
with a new battle plan
it's casual, not heavy
He had nothing to levy
against me
he puts up the bounty
I am not frozen in conscience
he sometimes misleads me
to the sea of Galilee
where I still find repentance
no one is out for vengeance

they play quiet rhymes
to supplement my crime
of not giving in
when the chips were cast in
to your dark, mirky shadows
that doubled as adders
of egg laying evil 
that you served up like steel
as your teeth grit
and you bite in
to another pound of my flesh
that you leave for dead

someone hurt you first
it was yourlast born kin
your mother planted the seed
of hatred.


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