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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nancy Drew Clue

your consciEnce weighs deep
peRvading your sleep
the words you say
traNslate into shEep
like a mutton head
Something you dread
no one was ouT to get you
but they let you or should I say
you let them
M o n e y don't Matter
than why you whinin' about splatter
when it was her dollar
you didn't holla
twelve hundred down dead in2
phone wire thread
you sAy money don't matter
but youRe out to Get her
Understand this
some pEople cut theiR wrists
to save Innocence
buT whEn you make the sacrifice
don't confess 
just roll the dice twice
just let it stand
that we are even.  even, man.
Should I make it all clear
why we all are here
I'm no better
I was saved by a savior
don't try n mince words
actions speaks volumes
actions show a man
his intentions and his plans
you weren't mad at me
you were mad about money
don't play it like its your free will to decide
you aint the judge
no one appointed you as the jury
you are nullified mummified
no illegitimate authority to tell you why
no one to validate you
no one to claim you
one less friend to hate you
til your SSI will be your pay station
in the meantime your weigh station
is in purgatory
a good place to be

sort out your sins

find out what's within
nothing is required
just how u like it
just your desire
while you light me on fire
and crucify the things you hate in me

sort out your sins
find the sinner within
sprout it out then be good
like you know you could.

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