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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Africa, oldies songs, having a spirit that soars

Loran's Liberian family - his grandma at center, dad on far right

Hey this is Janessa

Yeah, my day is going okay.

How bout you?

I got friends and family lined up everywhere.

I have a wedding to go to Saturday.

Its gunna rock.

Yah, mon.

I sometimes wonder if A if following me like in the tv series "Pretty Little Liars."  I've watched back to back episodes for 1 week straight.  I am only on Season 2, Episode 7.  It makes me happy to watch.  If I had to pick, I connect with Emily best because she is so honest and mature.   I think all the actresses are very polished.  They are also very beautiful.  Each one has special, unique qualities.  The parents in the drama are good actors as well.  So are the teenage boys.  Sometimes the plot gets a little too muddled.

I listened to Toto's song tonight: Africa.  Hearing that song makes me want to go see Loran's dad.  In 2015, it is happening.

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