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Friday, July 4, 2014

Freedom is not a concept that can be fully defined, imagined or realized.

Freedom is obscure.  Freedom doesn't necessarily mean you can do anything you want when you want it.  If you respect others, you can't talk how you want or lip off to anyone.  If everyone did that, it would be a tough place to live.  However, some people have a lot of freedoms like time on their hands.  If you have time and money, there is freedom to eat where you want, spend what you want and do what you want.  yet there are certain restrictions in knowing your moral limitations.   If you are a single person, you can sleep with whoever you want unless you are a Christian or belong to another religion that restricts you from fornicating.  I am a Christian who believes in divine guidance but I don't believe in God having a textbook "plan for your life" in the sense that Mr. right will swoop you somewhere.  A plan has to be conceived by the human in the direction his or her mind takes her.  God gives us the freedom to grow and expand our knowledge because we live in a high tech post modern age.   Freedom is really, creating opportunities in the right direction.  It may be giving up something that you already started because it was a bad career path.  But to me, freedom can be anything or nothing.  I can be free not to choose my words properly and end up insulting someone.  i work with someone who is lazy and never gets up on time.  However, she never wants to be confronted on her shortcomings so she always blames someone when they are honest.  Have you ever met someone like that?  Freedom is also not only an individual thing.  If everyone around you is vile and rude and brings you down, it may impair your sense of freedom.  If you around people who are cheerful and share your values and strive for betterment, you have a stronger sense of destiny.   Abraham Lincoln believed that America could only survive if people had the upmost respect for the law.  In his day, there was a lot of mob rule and lynchings.  People acted contrite and without authority, administered justice.  Today, we have random killings like Sandy Hook where someone's anger can destroy 26 people.  We have a strange brew of demented people who like to end with a bang.  That can infringe freedom.  So can false social expectations.  Even with all the possible infringements of freedom, we still have food to eat, a roof over our head and more.  I have to work 240 hours a month or more to secure my life.  But I still have the freedom and energy to do it.  Some day, my diabetes will get worse and I won't be able to.  But for now, I have a lot of freedoms and opportunity.  I just have some major financial restrictions.  There is also freedom to love or not love.  I have been reserved about many things in my life and I have not loved excessively or gushy like but sometimes I have loved in vain.  I am not open and free in this area.  I have loved 3-4 men deeply but as far as being upbeat all the time or spreading the love,  I don't have that download capacity to love.  I think and love from a distance.  That's just me.  One last thing - sometimes people try to free their mind through alcohol or drugs or another impairing habit.  That just leads to disilllusionment because he/she loses a grip on reality.  People also become chained to their jobs or loyal to the wrong things.  Being loyal to the right job and right people is good if it edifying.  Being addicted to wrong habits and things are not edifying.  That is why most people are a work in progress and must improve themselves.

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