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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who destroyed it? You destroyed meaning me.

Who did it?  I did it.
Who destroyed it?  I destroyed it.

"There's nothing left to try
there's no place left to hide
there's no greater power than the power of goodbye."

The soul I trampled on was my own
the love I gave, I reserved much for myself
I was caught in the moment
of exchanging money, of passionate feet
of moving races
of those who walked slow
with oxygen tanks
of those who needed help getting up
of dealers who were glued to the table
of feet that were chained
of minds that grew old
of tears that dried
of a way of life that was crippled into the ground
of time and duty
of age and scorn
or untended misfortune
of hedging bets
of deciding on the right person at the right time
the best boss to trust
the boss that did not have faith in us
that is why I must go
the money was good but you were the lie
that kept me there
in space and time
of feelings that did not matter
I don't hear your tears
dash me like salt into the unicorn meadow
of your breathless tongue
of your vague words
of your jaded outlook
you're no good
your stance is evil
I can no longer lay my sorrow on your mat
and stay in the bed of lies
that kept me there.

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