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Sunday, May 4, 2014

One of my better shows - it had 5 live listens and 53 Archive Listens in 2011. Internal Conflict in Long Term friendships

This is one of my better episodes on Goldenrod1960.  I was looking at my blog the other day and it says "Resolving the Conflicts of my former life."  I feel I have had made as much peace as I could regarding this childhood friend.  She was never able to give too much within the frame of time and emotion.  My last good memory of her was sitting in their living room discussing the Al Franken campaign I worked on.



    The five points of Calvinism should be expressed as unconditional damnation.

    The premise of Calvinism that men have no free-will and that men can only be saved if God predetermines each person for salvation.

    Calvinism teaches that men are saved by unconditional election.

    The antithesis of unconditional election is unconditional damnation.


    1. Total Depravity: Man is totally depraved so he cannot choose or desire God.

    If total depravity is true, then unless men are unconditional elected for salvation, they are unconditionally damned to hell for all eternity.

    2. Unconditional Election: God unconditionally elects those whom He has predetermined to save.

    If unconditional election is true, then conversely all others areunconditionally damned, lost outside of Christ.

    3. Limited Atonement: Jesus died only for those who have been unconditionally elected for salvation.

    If limited atonement is a Biblical fact, then all who are not unconditionally elected for salvation will die in their sins because they will face unconditional damnation.

    4. Irresistible Grace: When God calls the elect for salvation, they cannot resist.

    Those who are not called by irresistible grace will beunconditionally damned and will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

    5. Perseverance of the Saints: Once you have been unconditionally elected for salvation you can never be lost. Once saved always saved.

    If God did not unconditionally give you the faith so you could believe and be saved, and you have no free-will to believe or reject Jesus; then you are unconditionally damned. You are once damned always damned.

    God does not unconditionally save anyone nor is anyoneUNCONDITIONALLY DAMNED.

    THERE ARE NO POINTS OF CALVINISM THAT ARE SUPPORTED BY SCRIPTURE. [Read the whole New Testament and understand God's plan for mankind]


  2. Just remember, we are only humans. We cannot determine the scope of God's intent even from Biblical doctrine that is mandated and written by men. We are saved by grace as Ephesians and Romans concur.

  3. Dear Steve: I never said any of the precepts you described. We are given free will in our mortal life to serve or deny God. God obviously knows who will be saved, but he gives the power to us - to accept salvation and be redeemed, even if we slip up.