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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Friends don't attack friends....what qualifies you to be a friend?

Why people can't face themselves.....I tried to have a calm Sunday but one never knows what will be thrown at you or when people will try and throw you under the bus.  I am angry because I had a lot of bills to pay and as usual true to form, Ernest Sooner, ripped me off.  Why?  Because I confronted him with a question about whether Jon and I should stay on the  I was thinking we should make a 30 day notice as I HAD JUST PAID for one month and instead of having a rational debate, Ernest cut us off.  He didn't think about our ad in the Reader Weekly in duluth's paper.  He only thought about what his needs were at the time.  He didn't care that we sunk 1/2 of our money into the month of May.  But go ahead.  Rip us off.  You ripped off my sister, Marguerite, your parents, your roommate and many more by not working for 12 years.  For you, what is 22.00?  For a single parent, its four meals.  You are no longer the faster growing radio show on BTR.  You cut off half your sails and then tried to recruit one of my best friends to be on yours.  You try and speak for your roommate but you missed your favorite line.  "What you think about me is none of my business."  I no longer want to think what you think of me because you have not suffered in the public workplace or made sacrifices.  You are not a true and blue friend.  You couldn't stick with anyone in tough times.  When you were thrown out of your apartment which was actually Brians, people were there for you.  But you could not make it on your own so you had to go and hide like a camoflauged soldier for 3 months.  Brian is your beast of burden, forced to work two jobs to support two adults.  So check your own bobber and clean out your own pipe with pipecleaners and look at how you are reacting.  I didn't ask for any support really.  I made two phone calls to you in a month.  You don't want to listen to people's drama you say but you create it by involving other people.  I had no reason to know or even think what is on Brian's mind.  I haven't seen him in 3 years.  Brian, the roommate you both loathe and post his texts on your blog and exploit him, too.  You will never get out on your own.  I hope he put you in his will because you have no means to support yourself.  So what am I really angry at?  That I had one major problem in 15 years and you claim to be a friend who really never could be.   Friends don't say they are taxed out when they get two voicemails in a month.  You haven't lifted a finger to help me.  But when you were homeless, people helped you.  A pastor helped you get to New York.  People have given you money.  Like my older sister said, you are a fairweather friend. You are too wrapped up in yourself, so much that you have four of these blogs and you are so wrapped up in your blogging and other stuff, that you don't have time to be a real person and support yourself.  Get real.  Please, get real.

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