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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Death Track

I am on the death track
to my existence
defined in pre-tense
pre tense can't be post-tense
but I remember them like categories
shelf lives
small bursts
rising in air
then the flame was set
and the set was destroyed
to my home
to my child
I am on the death track
spiraling backwards
listening in the wind
for a musical note
to set the mood
to the entire play
of a scene I never finished
With calvary cadence
and metal footsteps
the interlude interrupts
the banner of
foreshadowed thought
before the curtain call strikes
the stage of indignation
burning paradigms of
self sold truths
lining the caves of my inner brain
but the ending closes in
to indifference and layers
of masking my own disguise
until the gates open
to eternity
of my death track.

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