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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The History of Muslim Brotherhood, The Mujahudeen, Sayyid Qutb, Zawahari and the Taliban outcome

I did a radio show today on the true roots of Radical Islam beginning in Egypt in the 1950s.  Sayyib Qatb sensed a certain indulgence in Greeley, Colorado when he observed the American Education system.  His opinions were formulated to a doctrine which meant that Middle Eastern countries such as his should cling to Islamic law when creating order in society.  His recommendation was that Western influence was shallow and materialistic and would not do.  He felt corruption would take hold in Islamic countries that he believed held a standard beyond carnal desires.  Eventually, his mindset led to more radicalism and he and his group attempted to plot the assassination of Nassar, the Egyptian leader.  He was imprisoned and tortured and eventually was executed by trial in 1966.  During his prison stay, he created the Muslim Brotherhood and honed his message.  After his death, Ayman Zawahiri took up his mantle to resist Western dominance in the region.  The last two weeks of my BlogTalk Radio show has been dedicated to understanding the roots of Islmaic Fundamentalism.  Their belief system and origins derive from a group of core, committed members who whole-heartedly rejected secular government, the normal rule of law and wanted to establish a theocratic, Islamic state.  Their belief system eventually transformed into acts of violence in Algeria, Egypt and Pakistan which they believed would increase the attraction to their cause.  It didn't always work in their appeal.  Many Muslims rejected outright violence against other Muslim or things that did not involve protecting Muslim territory by foreigners (fatwa).  The Muslim Brotherhood grew into the Mujahudeen who were the Afghan Freedom fighters during the Soviet war in the 80s and branched off into the Al Qaeda which become more focused on Western targets.  The Afghan holdout has always have had a singular, identifable profile as a resistance to superpowers and those trying to run over Afghanistan.  The only question which I attempted to answer on January 27, 2012 radio show is did the Mujahadeen perceive Soviets as carnal infidels the same way they targeted Americans in 2001 for entering their turf?  In a documentary by PBS, "Behind Taliban Lines," the group members stated all infidels must die...who are foreigners on their land and a threat to Islamic intent/continuity of their culture.  While conducting raids against the Soviets in the 80s, The American CIA trained and supplied the Mujahudeen.  Not until leaders like Azzam, who told Afghan fighters, that Westerners were not worthy of their alliance, did the pre-Taliban understand the nature of aligning with Westerners.  Reagan had set his mandate in the world that it was the Russians who were the sole evil doers and source of evil, meaning the nature of communism was evil in itself.  America had been equally as aggressive with the Truman doctrine by ousting the leadership of Iran's Mossadegh, a democratically elected president who nationalized Iranian oil.  Korea and Vietnam were two places America attempted to restrain the influence of communism through containment and suppressing the domino effect.  We lost 50k American men in Korea and for what?  The 38th parallel never moved and not much was accomplished except South Korea remained non communist.  With that, I am ending this description.  Listen to my show and find out more.  Below is some advertising of Sayyid Qutb's writings earlier in life.

Link to my Feb, 3, 2013 show on Historical roots of Muslim Brotherhood

Link to Sayyid Qutb's writings:

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