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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love Semi-Lost

Blog News:  Dating a Tajik Muslim....was it worthwhile?

undeadicated to: (dedicated spelled that way on purpose)

He wasn't real, for real for sure
He claimed sex to be sin
but it didn't stop him for 9 months
He loved me than violated me
He retracted
me or his faith
Now I am living as if love were a mistake
years between us
the love was real
I believed in you
until your character revealed
American women
just your charm
that you spin into captivity
causing damage and harm
was I your baby?
or a stop along the way
a supposed casting couch
that led me astray?
are all your goals achieved now in Hollywood?
while you expect women to cover up the fallacy of your sins?
Are you the talent God brought here
or an emotional terrortist on foreign turf?
Be for real
I know your mark
you play the role of the devoted
while undressing in the dark.

jdh 6/13/12

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