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Monday, June 18, 2012

a tribute to Rodney King

I was looking for information on Rodney King's death.  Cynthia Kelly, his fiance, was on his civil trial as a juror when he won 3.8 million from City of L.A. She fervently defended his situation to other jurors.  I found a segment of the CNN "20 years later: the Rodney King Riots" below:

"Things have changed at the LAPD, too. The upper ranks are much more diverse. Changes also have been made -- sometimes under court order -- in the way certain neighborhoods are patrolled and in how complaints are handled.
"The main impact that the Rodney King case had is that it accelerated change," journalist Lou Cannon said. "It's not tenable any longer in the United States of America for a police force of a major city to govern without having the community being a part of that governance."
Whether society itself has sufficiently changed is a question for every generation to consider."

I thought it was well written in the sense that bigger questions loom.  

 I heard Larry Elder's interview of Rodney King that was done in April and re-aired today.  The raw brutality on how they beat him hard was truly unacceptable, rash and violent.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I honor your life and will remember you  in death, Rodney King.  I hope you had some laughter along the way.

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