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Monday, June 18, 2012

Things to Remember

From: participant - Emotions Anonymous
Subject: Fear 

Hi I'm _______ and powerless over my emotions.  I am powerless over my fears and worries.  Their underlying presence can be exhausting.  I must call upon courage to face my feelings of fear for how else will I gain freedom from these emotions. Fear is a signal of something else I need to learn.  I am not living if I am occupying myself with fear and worry.  I can easily be stuck in a pit of fear and worry obsessing over the 'should haves' & 'what if's'.  These emotions then turn into relentless self-criticism.  Fear is not what my HP wants for me.  I must have the courage to face my fears and be receptive to my HP's will for me.  

Wishing peace, serenity and freedom from fear to all, 


Things to remember.
Today I have less fronts to face.
Just myself and time.
I have to work today and do something tonight.
I want to slow down and just live.

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