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Friday, June 8, 2012

James and my text exchange

I wrote to Jayhun tonight: I love u and I hope u believe me.  Yours in Christ...Jane...someday God will reveal to you the reason we met.

Jayhun wrote back: May God be with you.  The and Only God the creator of all existing and non with you and may he bring light in your life and unto your heart!!! And God will reveal to you the reason why we met!!

I am Christian and he is Muslim.  We had a big discussion in the car before this texting transpired.  He has a fixated set of beliefs.  He doesn't understand the Holy Trinity.  He only understands the monotheistic type of God.  Its hard to share my faith with an unbeliever in the Christian sense.  I told him the Holy Spirit was left on earth as a Comforter to the disciples after Jesus rose.  He has been exposed to secular lies about the Apostle Paul and doesn't understand conversion or the Role of the Holy Spirit.  He attributes it to a Roman tri God that was associated with another deity during Jesus day.  Satan works to deceive people.  I believe James is pure in his upbringing and Muslim beliefs.  I just think that they (Muslims) have this idea of Christianity they believe that strays off the path of conventional mindset in accordance with their beliefs.  The Muslims believe in the continuation of the prophets. They also believe everyone is a Muslim in progress, that the enlightenment will come.  as Judeo-Christians believe in succession of prophets and lineage of Abraham to David to Solomon to Jesus..they also believe the name above all names is Jesus because he is the mediator of our sins and salvation through death on a cross.  I don't think James believes in the Resurrection.  My love for James is strong and enduring.  I will love him to my grave.  I hope I can be a source of enlightenment to reveal God's eternal truths to him in a way he will understand.

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