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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A student at Cal State Northridge asked me to help compose his essay for the following brain twister which he needed to get into an Ivy League school:

Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote, 'Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.' Give us your guess. 1-2 pages

This is my response. I wrote it in such a way he could not steal it from me since I am 31 yrs older than him. He could not find the meaning himself. He tried to search engine it. I think if you have to google search the third thing, you aren't Harvard Material.

Jane's response.
I was committed to living up until I was 17 years old and then I began to question life and the capability of my dreams. I wanted to be a civil rights leader or evangelist and bridge the margin between racial hatred, division and share the world Christ's message of love. I had a full exposure of eloquent words of a boomer generation of Martin Luther King, JFK, RFK, all who died in the their footsteps by executing their dreams and putting their ideals into action. A dream of my generation was a dream of conviction. I was 14 when Nixon resigned, 15 when the Vietnam war ended, 21 when Ronald Reagan's love affair with capitalism made many young people stockbroker millionares. I saw people being blown up on t.v. from ages 8-14 from Vietnam with no censorship. The coffins were as real as the flags. It was the boomer generation who carried out their dreams in voice, sacrifice and vigilance. The third thing between living and dreaming is putting social and personal vision into a moldable plan that will benefit myself, hence society. I cannot separate my dream and vision for the world to be at peace and engage in meaningful purpose separate from myself. A dream is an abstract subconscious journey we take while awake and asleep to reconcile our gifts to the world by communication. A dream becomes tangible when we attempt to communicate hope to others either by words, actions or some form of expression. True living is actually giving. Seeing the world as an active nebulus in which I can participate, give and receive love and have meaningful exchange becomes a surreal exercise but a concrete purpose. Therefore there is no third element of interpretation. Living is an action of an ideal which can be a dream. My goals cannot be separated with my highest calling - to serve my brother or sister in need. For some people, creating a work of art or a scientific invention is their mantra of self discovery but being from a Boomer generation, I must blend civic community with social happiness - to make the community at peace. That is who I am, i don't have to guess. There is no mystery to a life in action which benefits others. Jane Hoffman

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