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Friday, January 6, 2012

Los Angeles in winter

The sun shone
God touched my arm
with sunlight
I felt bestowed, endowed
singing to the hidden angels below
scraping the earth from dawn to dusk
groping the earth's crust
shrinking, my soul dampens
past homeless people
I share my money
my eyes display grace
are they duping me or have they a longing face?

I clung to the sunlight
not strong enough to burn me
70 degrees
just perfect for my sanctity
somewhere in Minneapolis
I could have frozen
but this day the sky was open
it was a day for blessings
nocturnal sunshine
a glowing face
no fear of death
a desire to live
a knowledge of survival
a recognition I no longer struggle
in the real sense
a latino mother with a rudimentary sign
asked for money
while her child suckled her breast
I told her about social services
she said "I qualify in two months"
"dos menses"
a hold up?
food stamps are guaranteed
but life is not
I bent down
"here's two dollars"
maybe I should have given her the box of vanilla wafers
or a piece of carrot cake
that had a small white fork taped to the container.
the wafer
the cake
the sacrament
the blessing.

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